It Is Time to Get Active on Google+

Join Google+ to tie it all together

Join Google+ to tie it all together

By Al Getler

Google Plus is quickly becoming the place you need to be. The importance of being on Google+, if you wish to be seen and found on the web, is right up there with the best advice you will receive on your SEO efforts.

In case you are not up to speed on what it is, Google Plus is Google’s destination for sharing information, pictures, videos and more. It is a social media platform “plus” more.

Google Plus Hangouts is one of the features that make Google Plus different that other social media sites. With Hangouts you can create a video chat experience that GooglePlus members can participate in or view.

Google Plus also offers groups by interest and subjects and gives you the opportunity to create and lead a group.

Google+ Ties It All Together

Google has tied many of their social media and search tools together and Google+ is the place it seems to all tie together. Gmail, YouTube, Google Search and many of the other Google tools come together when all linked to your Google+ account. Google+ enhances your web presence and that is what makes getting on Google+ attractive.

Google+ Sign-Up page

Google+ Sign-Up page

Get Started on Google+

To get started, click HERE and sign up. Be sure to thoroughly fill out your profile and set your mind to posting often.

If you blog, you might want to read this blog by CopyBlogger. The graphic below was a part of this post on how to make Google+ work for you and improve your Author Rank standings.

Once you are on Google+, be sure to check in with me. I am simply listed as Al Getler and you can reach me HERE.

Yes, Google+ is another social media site to add to your list. But Google+ delivers more in return when you become an active member.


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