Lead or be Led – Creative Meeting Spaces

Lead or be Led – Creative Meeting Spaces

sparkspace in Columbus, Ohio


About our guest – Mark Henson

As the Chief Imagination Officer of sparkspace, Mark oversees the most inspirational business retreat center on the planet. He also writes about creating more amazing workplaces. Topics he explores are service, leadership, teamwork, and personal development.

From the sparkspace website:

What is sparkspace?
The easiest description of sparkspace is that it is a one-of-a-kind meeting space. We designed it to be a place where business teams could escape their office to think, create, and collaborate with each other. It is a cool, fun, bold, playful, and super comfortable space.We also produce programs to help teams and individuals become more amazing at what they do.

What do you mean by that?
We believe every person and every company has the potential for total awesomeness…if they choose to pursue it. Our goal with our programs (and everything else we do) is to help spark that realization.
When did sparkspace start?
Our official birthday was January 1st of 2000. But the idea for sparkspace came about five years before we actually opened the doors. I kept thinking about it until I finally ran out of excuses.
Why did you start sparkspace?
I’d love to say I was the originator of cool, creative meeting space, but the truth is I was inspired by places like Eureka Ranch in Cincinnati, The Thinkubator in Chicago, and Workshop in Louisville. Before starting sparkspace, I worked for a branding and design firm with some pretty spectacular studio space. After hearing dozens of clients say “I wish I could work in a place like this,” it finally sank in that there might be a need for creative space for hire.


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