Lead or be Led – Personal Branding Tips – Part 4

Lead or be Led – Personal Branding Tips – Part 4

Personal Branding can be bold, simple and impact-full. With the use of colors, words and the understanding of who you are and what you represent, you are on your way to creating a personal brand.

This is the fourth in the series of building a personal branding strategy.

In this episode of Lead or be Led, branding expert Hugo Armorim presents host Al Getler with four options for branding his personal style as a leadership speaker, writer and consultant.

Hugo Amorim is the brand strategist and principal of Brandpendulum where he has taken the attributes of Al Getler’s style, experience and messages and converted them into something visual, meaningful and memorable.

In the last in the series of episodes on personal branding, Personal Branding Tips Part 5, Al Getler will make his final choice as he moves forward with his personal branding, but not without help.

Lead or be Led – Web TV for Leaders will do a Google Hangout with several people giving their feedback on Getler’s personal brand. Email us if you wish to be a part of that episode and help Al Getler make his final decision.

About Our Guest

Hugo Amorim is the Brand Strategist and Principal of Brandpendulum based in the Boston area. Amorim specializes in building brands with mood and meaning that are memorable and impact-full.

 He can be reached at www.brandpendulum.com

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If you would like to be a part of the fifth and final episode of this series on personal branding, email us at LeadorbeLed@algetler.com. You must be a member of Google+ and be able to join a Google Hangout to participate.

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