12 Outstanding Personality Traits of a Great Boss

The Infographic below is a good follow-up to my post last week on 7 Ways to be a Respected Boss as it points out the 12 Personality Traits of a Great Boss.

Beneath it, I expand on each trait and offer my take on how you can become a GREAT BOSS!

12 Personality Traits Of A Great Boss
Infographic crafted with love by Officevibe, the enterprise employee engagemement platform that encourages daily team building.

12 Outstanding Personality Traits of a Great Boss expanded and explained:

1. Think Positive

The world is already filled with people that can give you reasons why things cannot be done.

Be the boss who gives the reasons why things CAN be done and know that you will fail on occasion. Learn from the failures.

People would rather be on a team that is THINKING POSITIVE and failing, rather then never trying.

2. Honesty Is The Best Policy

People like a straight shooter.

When you are the boss who saves the sugarcoating and gives it straight, you are already ahead of the curve.

Honest feedback, honest information and honest dealings will put you ahead of other bosses who think that twisting the truth is a better alternative to being honest.

3. Delegate

You want to help your team members grow and the best way to do it is to help them expand their horizons.

Delegation is the best training you can offer as a boss.

By delegating you are providing an opportunity for employees to try and succeed while making helpful corrections along the way.

As a boss, you can delegate yourself to your next promotion while preparing one of your team members to take your job.

4. Communication is the Best Leadership Skill

If your team is up to speed on the latest developments they will excel.

Informed workers work harder and faster.

Uninformed workers are left with plenty of time to fill in the gaps. We call that gossiping and rumor-mongering.  There is just no room for that.

5. Know How To Inspire

Great bosses not only know how to inspire, but they know what inspires individual team members.

One team member can be motivated with a pair of sports tickets. Another will enjoy passes to the local flower show.

One thing that inspires a team is a boss who understands each individual’s strength and then assigns work accordingly.

6. Align The Team

Knowing the individual strengths from #5 and then explaining to the team what direction they are going in and why makes you a good boss great.

People like to know the mission and how their role makes a difference. It is much easier to row a boat with synchronicity than with each rower doing their own thing.

7. Promote Work Life Balance

Recognizing that each person has a life outside of work and making space for that life creates a balance.

The great boss who gives people room to be the person they are outside of work will ultimately create a better atmosphere at work.

8. Give Credit Where It’s Due

Great bosses take two steps back while their team receives the accolades. This comes with practice for the great boss.

In the end, the team knows who brought them to the place of success. They will tell others leaving the great boss plenty of time to praise his team members.

9. Encourage Growth

A team that is constantly growing individually and as a team will always stretch to do more.

A great boss fosters growth by becoming a teacher and a curator of information for his or her team members.

10. Praise Your Employees!

There is a theory from the book The One Minute Manager that you must “catch your employees doing something right” and then praise them.

Make this theory a practice. There is no less expensive way to create gold for your team than to praise them.

11. Mentor

Listen and guide. Listen and guide. That is the key activity of the mentor.

Shut the door, grab coffee outside the office or go for a walk with your individual team members. Then listen and guide.

12. Be Absolutely Fair

Show favoritism and you will create animosity. Treat everyone equally and fairly on your team and the balance will create order.

Follow the golden rule and treat the team thy way you would wish to be treated.

Lead by Example

When you lead by example and encourage great habits, your team will see the reasons to do good work, communicate freely and support one another.

Congratulations. You are on your way to becoming a great boss.

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