2023 Family Fun Night Tour

Bring Al to your city or town in 2023!

South Burlington, VT

Isn’t it time for us to enjoy a night out with our families just to laugh?

Bringing Al to your city of town for a night of family fun is easy using a simple sponsorship formula.

We will help you identify the best place, time, and list of sponsors that can make the show possible.


Who? Your group, city/town recreation department, school, volunteer fire department, non-profit group, or any other organization.

What? A one hour family focused show featuring Al and his cast of characters presented once or twice in a night.

Where? A theater, auditorium, all-purpose room, a fire house bay, outdoor venue, or another place to stage a show.

Why? For fun and possibly to raise money for your organization

When? Booking Spring and Summer 2023. Call for a date today!

What about a sound system? We can cover that!

How do we promote it? We will help.

How do we pay for it? You can cover the whole cost -or- we can help you secure sponsors and mention them in the show.

What is the cost? Contact us for details. It is affordable and friendly to all groups.

Contact us today. Email info@algetler.com