Airline Loses Girl & Delta Responds

Missing: Lost Kid. Lost Bags.

Airline Loses Girl & Delta Responds – Al Getler

Traveling from North of Boston to Up North Michigan was a real struggle for me last week. If you haven’t read the post, read it HERE.

Tomorrow, I will share Delta’s response and give you a few more nuggets about my trip.

But if you think I had problems, then read about one poor girl and her family as she was heading to camp. She flew into Traverse City, Michigan just as I did.

United Airline Loses 10-Year Old Girl

Lucky this all ended well, but what are the airlines thinking? I feel good that I only lost a bag temporarily.

Attention All Passengers

A book by William J. McGee

As it happens, I saw a book in the Horizon Books bookstore in downtown Traverse City, MI that is directly related to the airline situation.

The book is titled “Attention All Passengers” by William J. McGee.  A review of the book is HERE. An interview with McGee is HERE.

Later this week

The good news is, my hotel rocks! I will give you a few customer service lessons from the Marriott folks this week.

Also, has all customer service gone to the dogs? In Traverse City it has, but it is a good thing!

I will also have exciting news about a new speaker series I am working for 2012-2013 with Merrimack College.

And finally, we will look at how teams function when they are temporarily without a leader.

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