Al Getler Joins Duct Tape Marketing

Al Getler Joins Duct Tape Marketing

A roll of duct tape, a Chihuahua born without front legs and a media executive have come together to help you grow your business.

The former publisher of The Eagle Tribune and Windham, NH resident, Al Getler, has formed a new company offering marketing, management and media solutions. The name of the company is Ellie on Wheels Media serving customers in Greater Boston and throughout the world via online coaching and training.

“The first question I am asked is what Ellie on Wheels means,” Getler said. “It is actually a great conversation starter.”

Ellie is the Getler family’s Chihuahua born without front legs. Ellie was rescued from the MSPCA in Methuen, MA who arranged for her cart that includes the wheels mentioned in the company name.

“We did a story on Ellie and her litter-mates in The Eagle Tribune that included a video. I emailed the video to my wife, Nancy, and a month later Ellie joined our family.” Getler said.

It is Ellie’s bold outlook on life that gave Getler the idea to name his company after her. The first second she was place in her cart, she started running according to Getler.    

Ellie on Wheels Media named after Chihuahua            

“The world has a new approach to marketing. It requires businesses to be tough, tenacious and bold. These are the same traits our Ellie possesses,” explained Getler.

Ellie on Wheels Media is a complete marketing and communications company. With Getler’s 30 years of media experience leading companies around the country, Getler offers small and medium sized companies the chance to catch up and surpass the competition.

“It is a content driven world,” said Getler. “Ellie on Wheels Media will help your business adapt and be found quickly online as the expert in your area.”

With the need to add a complete marketing system to Ellie on Wheels Media’s offerings, Getler turned to nationally known author and the creator of the Duct Tape Marketing System, John Jantsch. He will meet with Jantsch at the Duct Tape Marketing headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri for thorough training on the system.

“After John and I got to know each other, John felt I was a very good fit for his network of consultants. It is a natural addition to Ellie on Wheel Media,” said Getler.

Ellie on Wheels Media has already started booking appointments for the Duct Tape Marketing System in the Windham area, yet they don’t officially start offering it until September 16.  Getler suggest watching for Duct Tape Marketing workshops sponsored by area Chambers of Commerce and economic development groups.

For more information on Ellie on Wheels Media, Duct Tape Marketing and a free Signature Brand Audit, contact Al Getler at 781-799-4769 or at  You can also download free resources at

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