How to Become a Persuasive Presenter PLUS a FREE book with Nancy Duarte

What was the last presentation that completely changed the way you thought about something? When did you last watch a speaker or presenter then was moved to action?

The spoken word, combined with well thought out visuals, can turn a speech or presentation into a monumental shift in thinking. When the technique is used to present a new product, a new idea, or to address the mood and spirit of a nation, it becomes the most powerful tool known to mankind.

“Resonance causes change.”

 In her latest book, Resonate, Nancy Duarte, chair and principal of Duarte, Inc., presents nine “Resonance Rules”. The first rule is that “Resonance causes change” and it is from this rule we begin an in-depth study into how you can make a difference in your presentations by having a better understanding of resonance.

 As a writer, producer, visualization creator, and so much more, Nancy Duarte is one of the most important women in business. The company she and her husband Mark lead, provide services to some of the most influential business leaders today.

What is so great about the approach Nancy takes to making each of us a better presenter is that she works to get her material in front of as many people as possible. She even makes herself available for long interviews (like this one) and she is very friendly and extremely personable.

Download the book for free.

Download the book for free.

An Unbelievable Offering

To really put the Duarte message out there, Nancy, Mark, and the Duarte team have made an almost unbelievable decision. They have taken their already beautiful print edition of the book Resonate and have turned it into a fully digital multi-media book complete with in-depth study guides, videos and behind the scenes information.

Now, here is the most unbelievable part; the book is available FREE on the Duarte website.

You can download the book here for FREE.

Watch the video on your mobile device by CLICKING HERE.

The Interview with Nancy Duarte

When you watch the interview with Nancy on Lead or be Led, you will understand why she is so successful at what she does. Nancy has a most friendly and engaging style. I honestly could have talked with her for hours and still felt there was so much more to talk about.

After watching this interview with Mark Duarte and Nancy Duarte on, I am regretful I didn’t try to book them together for a third interview (but keep an eye out for that).

Most importantly, every discussion with Nancy is an opportunity to become a better presenter. You will find, as I did that, just by taking in Nancy’s experiences and her stories, you will find ways to improve your approach to presenting.

The message from Nancy Duarte in my signed copy of "Resonate".

The message from Nancy Duarte in my signed copy of “Resonate”.

 Take Action

Enjoy this episode of Lead or Be Led, but be prepared to be challenged. It is time to t throw away everything you thought about standing in front of a room and giving a presentation.

Listen carefully to Nancy Duarte. Download Resonate. And, as Nancy wrote in my signed printed copy of Resonate, “Go, change the world!”


Transcript: You can download a transcript of the interview here:  Show Transcript Nancy Durate on Lead or Be Led

Want a free copy of Resonate in multimedia form: You can download the book here for FREE.

Watch the video on your mobile device by CLICKING HERE.

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