The Build Network – Building Competitive Advantage

Tweet The Build Network About two years ago, a different looking print magazine hit my desk. To set the record straight, the publication called itself a catalog, not a magazine. The cover stock card on the publication asked me to join a network promising me new and innovative thinking. As a newspaper publisher, they had […]

Introducing Lead or be Led TV

Tweet Lead or be Led premieres today with my guest Book Yourself Solid author, Michael Port. This is an exciting addition in my quest to bring you GREAT leadership content! Lead or be Led is Web TV for Leaders.  Each week, I will interview the practitioners, authors, educators, social media experts, and nationally known […]

Community – Uncle Al Says, “I Want You!”

Tweet Uncle Al Says “I want YOU” for Community Engagement We are coming close to the one year anniversary of this website community.  It was more than a year ago my friend Joe Langhan, one of the creators of the Food Network, suggested I use WordPress as a way to communicate to people and build […]

5 ways to make a first impression when you welcome your customers

Tweet What is the first impression customers get when they arrive at your business? Do your visitors and customers feel as if they have just walked into a friendly, happy and helpful place? Do they feel that people are at the ready to help them? Do they find a clean and organized entrance into your […]