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“Comedian Ventriloquist Al Getler absolutely kills the audience with laughter time and time again!”

An entertainment columnist for the Press of Atlantic City calls Al Getler a man with, “The ability to go out there and immediately hook the audience, and is a credit to his talent.”

Getler was inspired in the art of ventriloquism as a kid, just like a slightly more famous ventriloquist friend of Al’s.

A Customized Comedy Show for Your Group

Al Getler’s many characters come to life, fascinating audiences as they laugh until their sides hurt.

Seen on television on shows such as Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, along with TV commercials, Getler also has many live performance credits, including casinos, theaters and Fortune 500 companies around the United States.

Al Getler has performed in many venues, using his unique ability to immediately engage his audiences in fun and laughter.

In addition to being a performer, Getler has worked for two Fortune 500 companies as an executive and knows what it takes to entertain all types of audiences while meeting the required standards of acceptability.

Looking for a unique idea for your next show or event? Have Al create a puppet character in the likeness of your CEO, your product, or that special person in your audience. Need a show with a theme? A special performance can be created just for you.

Ask how Al Getler can make your next event a great one! You will soon discover why Al Getler is considered one of the most unique and easy to work with performers today

Al Getler is available for your and entertainment needs as well as business speaking at seminars, conferences and conventions.

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Since the question is constantly asked, he always proudly answers. Yes, Al knows Jeff Dunham and has for a long time.

Al is featured in Jeff’s autobiographical book and appears extensively in the BIO-HD TV special “The Making of a Dummy.” In it, Al discusses comedy, ventriloquism and Jeff’s career, including a story or two about their friendship.

Al Getler on Jeff Dunham’s Birth of a Dummy from algetler on Vimeo.

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Al Getler is known best for his ability to include audience member information in the heart of his performance. He has crafted this talent over many years and knows how to poke fun at even the most sensitive of people while leaving them in stitches. “I love to see people laugh.  But, I especially love to see people laugh at themselves along with the rest of the audience.”

Getler thinks ventriloquism holds a very unique place in the entertainment field. “I am used to seeing people look a bit confused when I am introduced as a ventriloquist. Then I transform them into believers in the first three minutes of the show. Once that happens, they fasten their seat belts and enjoy themselves.”


Al Getler

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