Community – Uncle Al Says, “I Want You!”

Uncle Al Says “I want YOU” for Community Engagement

We are coming close to the one year anniversary of this website community.  It was more than a year ago my friend Joe Langhan, one of the creators of the Food Network, suggested I use WordPress as a way to communicate to people and build a community online.

I knew very little a year ago, but I have immersed myself in WordPress and blogging by attending conferences, sitting in on webinars and reading books (namely Platform by Michael Hyatt).

You have rewarded me by frequenting the website and signing up for my email newsletter.

A call to action

It is time for this community to engage. It is time for you to join the discussion and become involved. It would wonderful you see your thoughts and comments on the subjects raised on this website.

There are several ways you can do that:

  • Comments – At the bottom of my posts you will see a comment section. This is an area to start a discussion about the subject of the post or any other subject for that matter. You could pose a question that you need and answer for or you could respectfully disagree with my opinion or someone else’s take on a subject.
  • Subscribe – On the top right side of this website  you see a subscriber box. I ask that you please subscribe to receive my updates and remain close to what goes on each day. You will receive emails from me several times per week and you can always adjust your subscription. I do not share your email address with anyone. Sign up today!
  • Twitter – In the middle right side of this website you will see my Twitter posts. I welcome you to use those tweets as reference, reply to those posts or retweet them. I seek out information to share and it is a great reward if you enjoy and share the material.
  • Facebook – A little further down the right side is my Facebook page. Please like the page and stay in touch with more people in our community through Facebook. It is there you can post stories and share links as well.
  • Google+ – Recently I posted a narrative about Google+ and Google+ Hangouts.  Another post suggested that Google+ has become an important place to be, especially if you want to get noticed in several areas (SEO, as an expert, etc.) Tomorrow you will see a giant step forward in the Google+ arena. A vision will be revealed.
  • Other places to connect – You can also find me on Linkedin, Pinterest and on YouTube.

Get involved

Please get involved and engaged with this online community. You don’t need to have vast experience in any one area; you just need a keyboard and some thoughts.  I offer my help, advice and opinions, but I don’t know everything. Perhaps you know much more than I do on a subject, so I welcome your experienced insight.

We will all be better if you get involved. A community is made up of different people, different backgrounds and different opinions. Discourse is the key to personal growth.

Please join the discussion on this website. This content is for you. Together we will learn to Lead or be Led.

Al Getler is a writer, speaker and consultant in the areas of media, digital media, leadership and customer service. He is also a comedian and a ventriloquist. Summed up, it means you will laugh and learn with him at your company, your convention or your event.


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