Creating Content – BatDad Vine


The Power of Creating Content – BatDad Vine

It is truly hard to stay of top of the latest and greatest of social media. Vine is a place where some really creative (and a few really dumb) people supply content.

The video below is a compilation of a bunch of 6 second Vine videos. Essentially Bat Dad Vine shot each of these videos separately and you are seeing the collection. The results are really funny, especially for a Batman fan like me (I write this in an office surrounded in Batman paraphernalia).

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Vine is a video mobile app owned by Twitter. It only allows the user to load six seconds of video. It actually requires significant planning to do it right and have great results.

The truly fascinating part of this content and the billions of other videos out there, is that anyone can be a content creator. You can also be a publisher of words and images as a blogger (like me) or on other social media platforms. Now more people can see what you created within an hour than what it would have taken weeks or months to view it not all that long ago. All of this can be accomplished with not much more than a cell phone, tablet or computer.

There are also a few of you reading this and saying, “I don’t get it.” You don’t need to. Move on and don’t get upset. There is content out there for you, too. Just do a search on Google.


Quality Content

The Emmy Awards were handed out the other night. Ironically, the Emmy Awards show itself is insufferable, so I didn’t watch it. This is not tp slight the Emmys.  Award shows are just hard to watch in general, but the awards presented honor great works of comedy, drama, commentary and documentaries.

Television is changing rapidly. I hardly ever watch a show when it first plays. I watch shows like The Newsroom, Boardwalk Empire, Ray Donovan, House of Cards when I am ready. I want to plan quality, uninterrupted time. That is highly planned, high valuable time to me to watch highly compensated and accomplished creators.

BatDad made me laugh. His content was equally as entertaining, but I did not know to seek it out. Someone sent me a link. Whether or not BatDad Vine can continue to produce video that makes me laugh remains to be seen. And I may never know as I will move on. It was a viral video. BatDad Vine may or may not make a penny off of his effort. He did it because it was fun to do.

BatDad Vine with Son

Join the Fun. Create Content.

How about you? When are you going to create some content? You don’t need to be Aaron Sorkin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus or Jeff Daniels. You just need to be creative and create. You don’t even need to share it, but it could be the next big viral video.

And the reward? Not everyone gets to share the stage with Neil Patrick Harris. We leave that to the pros.

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