Delegation Means Development for Your Team

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When you want people you lead to grow, give them a bit of your responsibility. It is called delegation.

When you delegate be sure your instructions are clear to your team. You can’t expect it all to be completed to perfection. You can’t expect things to be done exactly the way you would do them.  You can give instructions as clearly as possible and then prepare to coach, adjust and correct.

Once your team learns through a delegated task or two, they will build confidence. Once they build confidence, they will look for you to delegate more of what you do.

Once you are comfortable delegating more of your tasks, you are free to do something new.

You are the leader. The leader sets the vision. Vision is set through thought. Thought takes time. You won’t have time to think if you are stuck doing tasks.

Let go of  your tasks and lead. Let go of your tasks. Put your tasks into a set of clear instructions. Use a system.

Delegation Means Development for Your Team

Our guest on Lead to be Led has developed a new web-based software with his co-founders called SweetProcess.

Owen McGab Enaohwo handles the Content Marketing and Customer Support for SweetProcess. He’s responsible for making sure that you enjoy using SweetProcess to create and update procedures for your business.

Enjoy this week’s episode and check out SweetProcess and give it a try.

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