Delta Airlines Does Not Care About Me or You

Delta says Thank You
But, do they mean it?

Delta Airlines Does Not Care About Me or You – Al Getler

Dear Reader,

I interrupt this blog to bring you the following actual customer feedback I just wrote to Delta Airlines.

It represents everything wrong with the airline industry and why they do not care for us; people.


The Actual Feedback

Dear Delta Airlines:

I just received a cancellation call for my flight conveniently at 10:30 PM. Since the flight is at 6:00 AM, I was asleep.

Your recording gives no, make that zero, again not one bit of instruction on what to do, nor does it connect me to a customer service representative. With all due respect, that is just dumb. You just cancelled my flight.

Next I had to get up and hunt for a phone number. Ah, my Delta Sky Miles phone number. I am important.

I call the Sky miles Number. After 9 minutes, a human being answers. she confirms my reservation number and then…hangs up on me.

I just called again. Seven minutes and thirty-three seconds. A human. I ask why the flight has been cancelled. I have had the time to find this part of your website and write this; so far.

I am on hold. Total time of the call now 14 minutes.

It is 17 minutes and 30 seconds. I was just curious about the cancellation. I didn’t expect about the guy to call the mechanic or pilot and chat about it.

21:11 on my cell phone call duration.

I now have two lines open to your customer services representatives, one from my house line. I am wondering what kinds of food they are having at the office party on their end. I hope someone answers.

IT IS NOW 11:11 PM – Your customer service representative never came back to the phone. I was switched to the satisfaction survey. I took it (you didn’t do too well) and then the system hung up on me.

It is 11:20 PM. I have been on this third call for 14 minutes. A person answered. She sounds like a robot with an accent. The woman on the phone rebooked me on a flight. I now have to change airports. I am going to Logan. Oh, boy!

I was originally flying from the very convenient Manchester, NH airport. I now have to drive to Logan Airport. Not happy.

It is 11:23 PM. I asked for a supervisor. I am asked ‘why’. I have no faith one will actually come to the phone before I fall asleep.

Amazing! a customer service supervisor came to the phone!

Incredible! Somehow she made an airplane magically appear at Manchester Airport 1 hours and 10 minutes after my original flight. Now that is POWER!

Okay, sarcasm aside. Why couldn’t a representative do that to begin with? The rep told me all flights were cancelled. What is the deal? Are your reps not empowered to satisfy customers. I am so disappointed that you have made me play this game.

Truly, that is what this is; a game.

You cancelled my flight.

I called and got hung up on twice.

The third time you had a rep rebook my flight.

Because I am a pain in the ass, a supervisor was requested.

The supervisor put me on a flight at my airport. She said she has “inventory” that the representatives can’t see and don;t have the “authority” to look at and approve.

It is so comforting to know the rear end I am a pain in is only considered “inventory” in a seat. I am a person. That is a lot more than I can say for the most of the voices I heard in the last hour.

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Better yet, send them to your CEO. Tell him I sponsor a Leadercast site where he has been a speaker.

You will also be able read this feedback on my website at where i blog about leadership, public speaking, management and CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I will post this email form in its entirety.


BTW – Having to add my Country Code to my phone number in the form above, that made me feel so…American.

Sorry, but am I being a jerk. Don’t we deserve better? Leave your comments below.


Update Number One: At 4:31 AM my house phone rang. It was Delta providing more stellar customer service. They are calling to say my original flight is STILL canceled. No #%}@ Sherlock. I try to grab some more precious sleep. At 4:34 AM my cell phone rings. Same message. Thanks for the update.

At 5:20 AM I spring out of bed and high tail it to the airport. When I arrive I am greeted with, “Can’t get you on the flight. The bags are gone.”

The very nasty woman calls on a walkie-talkie to “check”. No one answers for several minutes. Then finally a voice to which Miss Nasty says, “You can’t get a bag on for Detroit, can you?” She is challenging the guy on the other end to say yes.

He says something sarcastic that I can’t understand and she says, “Okay” pleased that she will teach me a lesson for having my flight cancelled, getting no sleep and making it to the airport in plenty of time for other airlines to accommodate me.

Here is the best part.

I make a comment about what a mess Delta is these days and that the folks at Southwest (I point) have never let me down.

A twenty-something employee standing listening kind of freaks out and says, “Oh the glorious Southwest! You should see what happens to their customers when they cancel a flight.”

I hold eye contact with her for a few moments.

“I cannot speak for those customers. I can only speak for myself. Southwest always makes it work.”

She walks away and through a door to the back without saying a word.

I am told there are no flights to put me on and that I will need to go to Boston at 4:30 PM.

When I call the travel agent, she asks me why they didn’t offer me stand-by at Manchester? There are two more flights.

I think I know why. I asked for solutions and Delta employees are not in that business.

More to come…

Update Two – I am at Logan Airport in Boston. What a mess. I am posting from my iPhone, so no guarantee the photo I took will load to my page.

It is a mess!

Let me qualify that, even though I love Southwest Airlines, I flew Delta every week from this terminal for nine months straight. It has never been like this in the past. Delta has stopped caring.

My flight is late. I had to pay $25 for a bag. And I will clearly be in line for sometime. Why? Self Check-In said I had to see the agent. Another update soon.

Update Three – I am on an airplane after the longest TSA line I have ever seen in my traveling life. Thank goodness, because the plane was late. I know you were shocked by that news.

Update Number Four – So, I made it to Detroit…late. Minutes to spare to make my connect to Traverse City. The pilot candidly announces the regional air jet we are on has too much cargo due to all the missed flight transfers. They will unload bags to lighten the load.

You guessed it. My bag was chosen. It is 12:30 AM and I am sitting in a rental car waiting for a flight to arrive (late again) that might contain my bag.

The young woman here is so nice and apologetic. Very sweet. I was one of half a dozen people that made claims for lost luggage. She said it happens all of the time from everywhere in the world on Delta.

Delta, Delta, Delta. What has happened to you?

Update Number Five – it is 1:01 AM and I have my bag. This whole ordeal has lasted 24 hours (plus) is ridiculous. Delta really needs to be embarrassed about the service of providing customers.

I’ll try to make some sense out of all this in tomorrow’s post.

For now I’m just happy I have my bag and happy I’m here in Traverse City, happy I can start doing the work I came here to do.

The question is will Delta be in touch with me? Will their SEO guru even pick up on the situation?

Standby will find out together.

Al Getler is a newspaper, website, book and magazine publisher. He is also a comedian/ventriloquist and a speaker on leadership, customer service and personal branding.



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