Delta says, “Thank you for sharing your concerns”

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Delta says, “Thank you for sharing your concerns”

(Challenge: Take one big breath and try reading the first paragraph below out loud. Send me a video and I will post it!)

After having my flight canceled by a recording that called while I was sleeping, being hung up on twice by Delta customer service, being re-booked on a flight, being called and woken up two more times to tell me my original flight was STILL CANCELED, being blocked from getting on the re-booked flight, not being offered stand-by, being sent to an airport 54.8 miles along one of the busiest stretches of highway in the Northeastern US, standing in the longest line I have ever seen in an airport to check my bag, stand in a line longer than that last one to go through TSA, having my flight delayed over an hour, having to run through Detroit airport to make my connection, almost missing my connection to my destination, having the connection leave an hour late, having my bag not reach my destination, having to wait for the next flight to bring my bag, having to go back to the airport at midnight, having to wait another 45 minutes to get my bag and then getting to bed at 1:35 AM only to have to be at a meeting early the next morning (BREATH); this is what Delta said:

Dear Mr. Getler,

RE: Case Number 6870446

Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the service provided while traveling with us on August 16, 2012. On behalf of Delta Air Lines and Delta Connection carrier, Pinnacle Airlines, we sincerely apologize for the unsatisfactory customer service provided by our reservation sales agent, difficulties you experienced while trying to reach our reservation team over the phone, cancellation of our flight and disappointment with the rebook flight.

As our customer, you are in the best position to point out areas that need attention. Our goal is to provide consistent and accurate service to our passengers at all times. I am truly sorry for the length of time it took to reach our reservations team by phone and understand the frustration you must have experienced when you were placed on hold and disconnected. I regret that in this instance you did not receive the service you expected and should have received from our reservation sales agent when attempting to rebook your travel. Please accept our most sincere apology for the circumstances you described.

Additionally, I understand the frustration you experienced when your plans were disrupted due to the cancellation of our flight for mechanical reasons. I am sorry to know that you were not happy with the alternate flight arrangements provided during a flight irregularity. Be assured our goal is to route you to your destination in the timeliest manner possible and your comments regarding lack of communication, rebooking assistance, and the overall handling of your disrupted travel have received close attention. We want to respond to any service problems with improvements – not excuses. Please know a formal complaint has been recorded on your behalf and your letter has been shared with our responsible leadership teams for internal review. We want to ensure that the best possible service is provided at all times.

While I cannot erase your bad travel experience, as a gesture of genuine apology for your less than satisfactory customer service and cancellation of our flight, I have added 7,500 bonus miles to your
SkyMiles account. Please allow three business days for the miles to appear.

Mr. Getler, I hope I have been able to resolve any concerns you have about our customer service and flight disruption. Please accept our apology for the unfavorable impression you received in this instance.
As a valued Delta SkyMiles member, your business is important to us and given the opportunity of serving you in the future, I am confident Delta will not only meet but also exceed your expectations.


Sabrina M. Fox
Coordinator, Corporate Customer Care
Delta Air Lines

Original Message Follows:
Delta Air Lines Customer Care Form

Thank you, Sabrina M. Fox. Your form letter was received.

I checked to see how many Delta SkyMiles it took for me to go from the airport most convenient to me to the Cincinnati Airport for a trip I take each year. Due to your modest offer of 7,500 miles, I now only need another 32,500 miles to make this trip.

Perhaps I will earn inconvenience miles on the way home. Wait (and here comes the sarcasm) is this the NEW PROGRAM to compete with Southwest Airlines?

Wow! It is like reality TV! This is so cool!

Seriously, Ms. Fox? Will I really hear from the formal complaint that has been recorded on my behalf? Will my letter really be shared with your responsible leadership teams for internal review?

Stand by, reader. Enjoy the complimentary peanuts as you wait.

You want Pringles? That’ll be $6.95.

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