Endorsements for Al Getler

Here is what people are saying about Al Getler as a Leader, a Speaker, an Entertainer and a Blogger

“Al Getler is a superb speaker, performer, or master of ceremonies. While he specializes in leadership, customer service, and the power of personal branding, and has deep knowledge and experience in each of these areas that he weaves into his presentations; at heart he is a showman, quite capable of working with any organization on any topic in front of any crowd. He is personable, charismatic, entertaining, and on point. Call him up and hire him—you’ll be very glad you did!” – Dr. Lane Glenn, President, Northern Essex Community College

 “Al Getler is a true leader, an insightful business person, and a fabulous speaker! He is smart, humble, funny, insightful, personable, well-read, and always impressive. Would definitely recommend him as a speaker — the topic of leadership is his passion!, event host, or business partner.” – Anne Rendle, CEO, The Northeast Association of Realtors

“Al Getler is one of the funniest guys I know, an outstanding public speaker and a great ventriloquist. Having said that, it is Al’s leadership, compassion and accessibility that make him the success he is today. I wholeheartedly, and without reservation, recommend Al and endorse all of his efforts. This is one great community leader and a resource for all of us.” – Raymond J. Cannon, Jr., Attorney – Elder Law, Asset Protection, and Estate Planning

“Al provides a fresh start to one’s day through his interactive Leadership blog. The difference to me, in Al’s approach is that he helps one to navigate the leadership role with real, actionable tips. When “leadership” is most often portrayed in tenuous, ethereal tones that paint a very vague portrait, Al shares his experience as a boss, his role as a father and husband, a friend, and a regular community customer to make his blog down to earth and most importantly—relevant. Often personal, funny, and humble, one feels like Al’s “been there” and has emerged with humor and grace intact. Al’s messages are a comforting and encouraging start to the day.” – Megan Loughney, Associate Executive Director, Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm

Al did a great job as a speaker at our May 2011 Next Generation Leaders event. – Michael Bevilacqua, Assistant Vice President Member Programs & Services, Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce

“Al is a leader and motivator who achieves results through both delegation and full participation. As a speaker he is both entertaining and instructive. Well organized and directed to the flow of audiences.” Peter J. Caruso, Sr., Attorney – First Amendment Specialist

“I’ve had the opportunity to hear Al speak on several occasions. I find his presentations to be on target, entertaining and inspirational. Al has a strong grasp of business issues, and particularly marketing topics. I highly recommend him.” – Chet Szablak, Executive Vice President – Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Enterprise Bank

“Al is, hands down, one of the American Press Institute’s most outstanding discussion leaders. Over the years, he’s made numerous presentations to newsmedia executives and, in each case, he provided them with game changing ideas, new ways of thinking and actionable best practices. But Al is more than a great teacher. He wins over his audiences with a “we’re all in this together” attitude, deep respect and collegial demeanor. Add to that a wicked sense of humor and you have all the makings of a fast-moving, enlightening and fun experience with a lot of ROI.” – Carol Ann Riordan, Interim Executive Director at American Press Institute

“Al is multi-talented professional, ranging from a Newspaper Publisher to a Corporate entertainer. As the Circulation Director at CNC, Al was ahead of the staff with innovative and motivating programs aimed at increasing overall circulation and advertising numbers. Al’s vision is not singularly focused though. While he is a master at managing company objectives, Al also maintains personal relationships and considers the best interests of his staff. A prime example of Al’s flexibility is his highly successful ventriloquism talents and corporate and family event performance experiences. Al is not only serious and focused on the job at hand, but he has an honest and real-life sense of humor that transcends and enriches all his personal and professional endeavors.” – Peter Campbell, UI Web Designer – Freelance at AQ Websites

“I have had the pleasure of working under Al Getler’s leadership for several years. He has been a great mentor to me. Al isn’t just the Publisher at the Eagle Tribune, he is a leader and a sought after speaker. I started working with Al while I was the Customer Service Manager. Under his leadership and mentoring, Al helped me grow within the Company where I now hold the Real Estate Executive position of our newspaper. Al has always had an innovative way of creating an environment that drives revenue growth with the right amount of fun. He is always open to new ideas and helps guide his employees and others to excellence through his pep talks, speaking, leadership and enthusiasm. He is the first person to roll his sleeves up and help wherever needed, while creating an environment of learning and forward thinking. He is always eager to captivate any audience with humor and motivational speaking. Al is enthusiastic, full of energy and his ability to communicate and cultivate change while leading is a skill in which he has mastered. Al is always the first person that comes to mind when I need a speaker for my clients.”Ericka Isensee, Multimedia Advertising Consultant, The Eagle-Tribune

Al Getler consistently engages his audiences with his considerable talents of delivering targeted messages that reach our hearts and minds, while taking us on a laugh filled journey that we never want to end. I have had the privilege of working with Al in a variety of capacities over the last several years and marvel at his abundance of energy, enthusiasm and a leadership instinct to action during key points in a project. I have repeatedly witnessed Al connect deeply with an audience, unite them under a specific message or initiative and walk along side of them, while easily integrating specific skills to leave a lasting value. His listening skills with a live audience are unsurpassed. He possesses such unique qualities as a speaker, comedian and discussion leader or MC, so that the audience becomes a dynamic element and continues to contribute throughout the presentation. The words authentic and genuine leader best describe Al, for he has demonstrated his true motives of helping others achieve their goals and seeking solutions for increasing their performance during his role as speaker, trainer, MC and leader of business and non-profits. I have been with him as he had to make challenging choices and his capacity for caring is unmatched, thus giving him a depth of understanding that enables him to reach audiences with palpable emotions of real life situations. Al Getler will make an outstanding contribution to your next event or training series.”David Sollars – Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team. Founding Circle Member, David Sollars Leadership Coaching & Consulting

I can’t say enough about Al’s exceptional abilities as a speaker and presenter. With an honest, creative approach, Al captivates the audience and truly brings them on a journey. Motivating, comical, intelligent and possessing the ability to immediately relate to and identify with every member of the audience, Al is one of the best speaker/presenters I’ve been lucky enough to see.” – Dan Fallon – Assistant Vice President, Georgetown Bank

“Al Getler has been a Featured Speaker as well as having served as a Special Guest Program Moderator on several occasions for the Merrimack Valley Chamber, which is one of New England’s largest and most active business organizations. Al has consistently provided a top-notch performance delivered with dry wit and humor that we all enjoy and look forward to!” – Wil Carpenter,VP, Merrimack Valley Chamber


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