Great Leaders Tell Stories

Great Leaders Tell Stories

“Once upon a time, an evil competitor came and pillaged our company”

That is not exactly the story telling we discuss in this episode of Lead or Be Led, but it hopefully got your attention.

Leaders tell stories. Stories illustrate and connect with their listeners. We are taught to listen to stories at an early age and to recognize the meaning and the moral of the story.

Great Leaders Tell Stories 3

Bestselling author Patrick Lencioni uses stories, or parables, to put his executive reader in a situation and then teaches them new models of leadership. This technique of parables and stories can be seen in the Bible where Jesus boiled down an entire faith in parables and stories.

David Sollars is trained in theatrics, including the very physical art of stage fight. This background, coupled with his insights on leadership, give Dave an expertise in how a leader communicates through telling stories.

Dave is a certified John Maxwell Company leadership trainer, a serial entrepreneur and a health and wellness expert. You can read more about Dave at where there as many leadership resources.

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David Sollars bio

David has achieved success as a serial entrepreneur through pioneering innovations in manufacturing, the food and beverage industry, information technology, and healthcare. He is a published author and contributor in  numerous books, peer reviewed journal articles, is a contributing columnist for several organizations, as well as a senior editor for the nation’s leading evidence-based research in the emerging field of integrative medicine. David earned his Master’s degree from The New England School of Acupuncture, his BFA from the actor’s studio program at Wright State University and earned the distinguished Recommendation Award by the Society of American Fight Director for excellence in choreography. David is a frequent contributor and diplomat for The American Institute for Stress. He’s developed a curious mindset and a habit of diagnostic listening that searches for high impact leverage points, all while serving others during his 29 years as a medical provider, adjunct college professor, chairman of the board for regional non-profits, coach and consultant to corporate leaders. His extensive experience in design and delivery of executive education includes university affiliations at Harvard, Tufts and Merrimack College; with industry leaders such as Honda of America, Parker Hannafin and Philips International. David brings a diverse world of experiences in assisting others discover practical solutions through developing their own personal leadership.

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