Hiring the Right People

Your competitive advantage

In the book “Good to Great” by business researcher extraordinaire, Jim Collins, we learn that having the right people on your team gives you a competitive advantage. Hiring the right people fulfills Collins’ advice of “First who, then what.”

Today I received my daily email from Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void. Hugh can absolutely nail a business principle with his unique drawings. Here is what I found today:

By Hugh MacLeod of http://www.gapingvoidart.com/

By Hugh MacLeod of http://www.gapingvoidart.com/











The right people brought together, it turns out, creates happiness in any work environment. It doesn’t mean everyone gets along every day or that each team meeting ends with hugs and high fives. What it does mean is that the right people will find a way to do good work. When groups of people do good work, they feel good. People who feel good are happy. Happy people create. Creation and energy gives you a competitive advantage.

As I stood in line to buy some vitamins today at my local CVS drugstore, a guy jumped behind an empty register to help move the customers in line along. He smiled and so did his appreciative female co-worker at the neighboring register.

The CVS squad members each bantered with the customer in front of them, not mindlessly, but fully engaged. The CVS dude even joyfully signed up a customer for a frequency card and he explained the advantages of the card program as if she had earned a pass to Shangri-La. All while the customer happily signed on and received a plastic card that would absorb all types of shopping data in exchange for spitting out cash register coupons. Happy-nose-blowing and executed so well by the employee.

That CVS store has a competitive advantage. They have the right people working in their store. Someone took the time to find the right people to do the job. Then they taught him a few nuances of their business (the rewards program) and boom; an advantage!

So write your business plan, ignite the next sleek tech start-up, bring your micro-brewery online, write that brilliant business strategy that will help your business unit grow. But first make sure you have the competitive advantage.

Begin by hiring the right people.

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