The Image of Leadership

How Leaders Can Package Themselves Authentically

While skimming through my Twitter feed one day, I saw a request for tweet submissions on the image of leadership.

The request came at the right moment. I needed a break from what I was working on and spent 15 minutes pounding out some tweets. After I sent the tweets, I closed the window and moved on.

As it turned out, the tweet request was a wise one from an author about to launch a book on image. The thesis was that leadership requires the leader to package him or herself to stand out for the right reasons. I had very little reasons for writing the tweets other than being temporarily inspired and I certain wasn’t expecting the tweets to be published into a book, so I was surprised when the author wrote to say I was in.

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The author is Sylvie di Giusto, a Personal Brand Strategist and Image expert. She has held senior level human resources positions at companies such as BMW, BASF, Thomas Cook and others. She has become a sought after adviser and speaker addressing CEO’s to young executives in finance, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, tourism, retail and many other industries. Austrian by birth, she has settled in New York City with her husband and children.

The Image of Leadership

A recent guest on Lead or Be Led, di Giusto discussed her new book “The Image of Leadership: How leaders package themselves to stand out for the right reason”. The book works to help you send the image out that you want to send out about yourself as a leader.

“No matter in what industry you work, leaders dress professionally. That may look different in different industries, but the leaders must look authentic and confident. The message you send out is the message you want to send out,” says di Giusto.

Key words, like in the development of SEO on a website, translate into the image a leader presents according to di Giusto. She works with clients to identify those key words to assure they become an authentic representation of themselves.

Di Gusto is not afraid to jump into the discussion of the challenges of female and male leaders. She cautions women to avoid being “Tinkerbells” or “Kardashians” while she cautions men on the “Superman “and the “Men in Grey” challenges. She states, “In terms of appearance, women face a much harder challenge than men. Any creative choice a woman makes often will be criticized.”

In addition to the book, di Giusto has produced an app to go with her message. You can download the app “The Image of Leadership” to stay in touch with di Giusto’s latest posts as well as further explore the contributors of the tweets that appear throughout the book.

“People packaging is what I do,” di Giusto states. Her mission is to help you build confidence in yourself and in those around you by presenting the image that gives your, “…best possible authentic self.”

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