Inbound Marketing Case Study: AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

Inbound Marketing Case Study: AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

Marketing is now upside-down, inside-out, and reversed.

It used to be that we sat in our living room, drove in our car, opened our mailbox, or even got accosted at the mall to have products shoved in our face.

TV commercials, radio commercials, newspaper ads, magazine ads, billboards, direct mail and one-to-one sales pitches still exist and are still an effect way to sell products in some segments. Marketing has, however, changed dramatically. You now decide what you are interested in, you pick up a digital device, and you search for information in a search engine.

Interested in buying a new propane grill? Google it. Want to find that book someone just mentioned? Go to Amazon. Want to get a mortgage or to see if you even qualify? Do a search and start reading.

AmeriFirst Home Mortgage

The last example in the previous paragraph is where my guest on Lead or Be Led comes in.

Dan Moyle is the Multimedia Marketing & Communications Specialist with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage. Dan is also a certified Inbound Marketing Specialist. He received this certification from Hubspot, a leader in Inbound Marketing.

Dan and AmeriFirst want you to Google phrases like “financing a home” or “first time home buyer” or “how to get a mortgage” or even “low down payment”. When you do that, especially when you live in one of the ten states AmeriFirst Home Mortgage does business; you find their content and become engaged.

If you were to go to AmeriFirst’s website, you would soon see that they offer a FREE RESOURCE. Fill out the form and request a copy of their guide and you have just entered in the AmeriFirst SALES FUNNEL.

Amerifirst resource page

Inbound marketing is interactive and uses a person’s need for information as a point of contact. Downloading a resource from a company like AmeriFirst quickly shows that you are a prospect. Dan makes sure his sale staff has a constant flow of these types of leads.

Inbound Data Capture AmeriFirstAmerifirst eBook Content

This episode of Lead or Be Led will provide you with an Inbound Marketing Case Study and help you better understand the NEW MARKETING.

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 About Dan Moyle

Dan Moyle is an inbound marketing evangelist. As a former TV news producer, he has been a content creator for thousands of pieces of content.

Dan works for AmeriFirst Home Mortgage, a community mortgage bank based in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area. AmeriFirst Home Mortgage has offices in 10 states, and Dan run’s the corporate brand marketing. He feels blessed to have a paid writing gig where he gets to use video and social media as tools of his trade.

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