Kmart Just Got Cool: They Shipped the Bed


Kmart Just Got Cool: They Shipped the Bed

by Al Getler

There are times, especially when you are in a brand crisis, that you need to take a risk and go for it.

Stop what you are doing right now and watch this 30 second commercial.

Click on this link to PLAY:

This is perhaps one of the most clever, ear-catching and eye-catching commercials I have seen a brand use to draw immediate attention to itself in a long time.

Why would K-Mart sink to what some might consider twelve-year-old humor?

  1. Because it immediately causes a buzz
  2. Because they wanted an immediate payback on TV, in social media and in the viral world in general
  3. Because it is edgy and funny
  4. Because I found it funny, my wife found it funny and my ten-year-old found it funny.
  5. Because, unless you are wrapped a little too tight, you giggled as well


The reaction to this spot my wife had is exactly what Kmart wants. She said, “I would consider Kmart again just because of that commercial.” In fact, she suggested the headline above.

Humor, when used perfectly well by most brands, is a great way to call attention to the brand. You need to carefully weigh the net effect of the humor and you need to make sure the humor delivers the brand message without overshadowing the brand. There are a ton of funny commercials out there that we remember, but we forget the product behind it.

Congratulations to Kmart. They nailed this perfectly well. In fact, I was so moved while writing this that I just shipped my office chair.

Al Getler is a writer, speaker and consultant in the areas of media, digital media, leadership and customer service. He is also a comedian and a ventriloquist. Summed up, it means you will laugh and learn with him at your company, your convention or your event.

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