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by Al Getler

The old man used to tell me, “Alfred, anything that is free; take it!”  Let’s break what the old man said down into a few pieces.

First, do not call me Alfred. My wife calls me that and people reading my name off official forms call me that. Everyone calls me Al. Once a lady at a bank tried to ‘personalize’ my name. She called me ‘Fred’.  My wife and kids were in the car at the time, so it took months for the ‘Fred-thing’ to wear off. We Getlers do not give up on things easily.

Second, do you think Big Al (the old man) really meant anything? Yes, he did. He was born in the 1920’s. This meant he would pull over to the side of the road, regardless of all peril, to access free items or items he interpreted as free. And if there were more than one of those free items for the taking, he took several. This is why my wife used to cringe when she picked me up from the airport after trade shows and conferences. We still have a grand collection of useless foam figures of all shapes and sizes and the largest collection of beer koozies in New England.

Third, free means free. If the old man felt there were strings attached he made a cloud of dust that would make the Road Runner jealous.

Fourth, take it with gusto. Take it proudly. Go back and take more if you can get away with it. Shame and embarrassment were never a consideration to the old man. Statements like, “He wouldn’t be giving it away if he didn’t want someone to take it,” would silence all objections.

The FREE Digital Platform Day at Merrimack College

Plain and simple, you are invited to attend this fabulous workshop for free because you read my blog. If you felt an elbow in your side just now, that was my old man jabbing you into action from the great beyond. He is probably saying, “The kid wouldn’t be giving the workshop away for free if he didn’t want you to take it!” And the old man is correct.

Let’s review the line up:

Michael Hyatt is my long distant Digital Platform mentor. Hyatt is the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers and a NY Times best-selling author. He will discuss creating your very own website; your home base. He will discuss content, design and building an audience.

Brain Halligan, founder and CEO of Hubspot, will discuss Inbound Marketing and how you convert people who find your content into customers. He will also cover the ways people go about finding your content.

Sally Falkow is a PR expert and SEO expert. She will not only tell you how to write the content, but she will help you write it in a way that makes it easy to find.

Don’t Disappoint My Old Man

Let’s review the price again: It Is Free. Fill out the form below and you are in. How is that possible? There is a nice person that supports people learning new things that provided Merrimack College the funds.  You can even bring friends. They’re free as well. No strings.

Fill out the form below now with gusto. The fine folks at Merrimack College are allowing me to fulfill my father’s legacy of providing something for free.


Dedicate a Day to Learning – FREE

Learning today requires lifelong dedication. Heck, when he was my age, my father still could not stop the VCR clock from blinking. I can’t imagine him having to tweet or post on Facebook. How about you? When is the last time you tweeted?

Would you like to join me on April 2, 2013 from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM at Merrimack College in North Andover, MA to hear how you can improve your digital platform from three great speakers? Then fill out the form below and I will arrange for you to have a reserved seat –FREE!

Sign Up Today and Attend the Digital Platform Day on April 2, 2013 at Merrimack College, North Andover, MA – FREE to readers!


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