Leaders Do Not Take Credit

Give credit, don’t take credit

Leaders Do Not Take Credit

There was a time when I thought it was all about me.

Best selling author and speaker, John C. Maxwell, has a line I use when I meet someone who acts the way I used to act.

“But, enough about me. Let’s talk about you and what you think about me!”

That says a lot about a person, huh?

360 Degree Feedback

There is an evaluation called the 360 Degree Feedback. As one website  states, “Leaders are provided with valuable feedback from managers, coworkers, direct reports, and others who have direct experience with the Leader.”

Going through the 360 Degree Feedback evaluation is humbling to say the least. It literally airs all of your laundry, both clean and dirty. You find out the things you do well (enjoyable) and you find out the things you do not do so well (sucks). The Feedback also helps you gauge your impression of yourself versus what others think about you. I think that is called the ‘dose of reality’ section.

At the time of my 360 Degree Feedback evaluation, I was with Thomson Corp. (now Thomson Reuters) where they invested heavily in their leaders. In this case, I was sent to a three-day session to learn from my evaluation and create action steps from it.

In general, I was pleased with what I learned about myself and was open to my area of improvements along with the actions required to improve. But one thing irked me.

In one of the comments an unidentified person said I took credit for everything my team did. I was devastated (and, as it turned out, in complete denial).

When I returned to the office, I vented my frustration at the comment to my advertising director, Janet.

Janet listened patiently as I sat behind my desk and told her about my frustration regarding this “taking credit” notion. She then gave me one of the best lessons of my career.

In plain language, Janet told me the feedback was accurate. She explained to me that our team was on the move, it was a good team, but when it came to credit, I took all of it.

The color ran from my face. I was cold and sweaty at the same time. Could this be? Was I really such an idiot? The answer was, yes. I was.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you and how you can see I was such an idiot.

Leaders Do Not Take Credit

As it turns out, Janet’s bold confirmation taught me one of the most valuable lessons I learned as a leader.

Leaders do not take credit. Leaders give credit.

There is another lesson I learned on my own.

Leaders take the blame when the team fails.

Taking the blame when the team fails

This doesn’t mean that leaders put up with poor performance from their team members. But if the team gives its best effort on any given project and still fails, the leader takes the blame.

I recently read a story on ESPN’s website that reported, “New York Mets manager Terry Collins took the blame for left-hander Johan Santana‘s poor outing in the Bronx on Friday night — his first since throwing the first no-hitter in franchise history on a career-high 134 pitches a week ago.”

How can a baseball manager take the blame for a failed outing by a pitcher? Collin explained that Santana wasn’t ready, that he was rusty and that he should not have put him in.

If the manager of a Major League Baseball team can take the blame in one of the toughest media cities in the world, what can the rest of us do to take a little blame when our team fails?

Leaders do not take credit. Leaders give credit.
Leaders take the blame when the team fails.

360 Degree Evaluation as an Improvement Device

The 360 Degree Leadership evaluation is an extremely effective tool. If you are serious about improving your leadership and management skills, I highly recommend checking out the links below. If you lead a company, think about putting the evaluation into your upcoming 2013 budget for your leadership team.

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What is the most difficult thing about taking the blame as a leader? How do you effectively give credit to your team?


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