Lesson from Our Kids and Dogs: Relax and Enjoy

Ellie, Sophie and Newman relax in the sun.

This was the scene in our kitchen just moments ago.

The warm morning sun was streaming in the slider-door window. The Getler dog pack was positioned to soak up the sun before it moved on to the windowless southern exposure. As you can see, they were quite content. They reminded me that long weekends are a great time to relax and enjoy.

Yesterday our nine-year-old daughter rushed into the house to announce that our neighbors were turning on the sprinkler for the kids to play in. I could tell from her hopeful expression that she was about to spring the question. Before she could, I suggested she go upstairs and put on her bathing suit. “Yes”, was all she said and she was gone like shot.

Why is it so easy for our kids and our pets to see the moments of relaxation and enjoyment, but we lose that ability so quickly? We can blame our job, our boss, our schedule or even our kids and our pets that are included with our household duties. The bottom line is that recognizing when to relax and enjoy up to each one of us.

We should take the lesson from our kids and or dogs to relax and enjoy when the opportunities present themselves.

You will note in the photo above, that none of the dogs is holding their smart phone (Ellie the Chihuahua doesn’t even have front legs.  See more about here under the Videos tab above.)  And my daughter, even if she had one, wouldn’t bring her smart phone under the sprinkler. Unfortunately this something I have yet to understand. Smartphones in your hand do not a relaxing time make.

Enjoy your long weekend. Remember those that have served our country to provide us our freedom. Have a seat in the sun. Invite your neighbors over to play in the sprinkler. And, if you do, send me the pictures.

How do you relax during a log weekend? Please comment below.


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