My Favorite Four-Letter Word

A Four-Letter Word Worth Celebrating

My Favorite Four-Letter Word

Look. I won’t lie to you, reader. Once in a while I use a four-letter word.

If you hear snickering, that is probably coming from my wife, my kids, my friends and my colleagues challenging that last statement with the question, “Once in a while?! Ha!”

Read on before you judge. I never had a chance growing up. (Sob. Sob.)

Have you ever seen the movie “A Christmas Story”?

Remember Ralphie’s father? You know, the guy that would curse his way through just about every stressful situation? Well, that was my old man. Only the ‘off-color’ words he used were not scripted gibberish. He used the real McCoy’s.

The adult Ralphie narrating the story states, “My father worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium, a master.”

That was my old man.

And, for some reason, even though my mother had heard his tapestry of words vocally sewn together repeatedly, she feigned shock. If it was for my benefit she wasted her energy. I carry on the tradition. I have even invented a few new combinations

My Favorite Four-Letter Word

Of all the possible four-letter words I could use that my old man taught me when I was a kid, one stands out among the rest. It begins with ‘F’.

My favorite four-letter word is: FREE

On many occasions the old man told me, “Alfred, anything that’s free; take it!” Yes. My full name is Alfred. So, get over that.

Free is a Beautiful Word Today

In a previous post (read it here), I wrote metaphorically about the new economy and how you give the apple away today instead of chastising people that pick it up. In other words, expect to give more away to get something back.

This Blog Content is FREE

Every day I labor over what to write for you. You don’t pay me to do it and I don’t send you a bill. I only ask that you subscribe to receive my daily newsletter and that you invite your friends to join in.

I also ask at the end of every blog post that you comment on what you have read. If you receive the post in your inbox as a newsletter, leaving a comment requires that you click on the title and go to the website.

Soon I will offer you a free e-book on public speaking and presentations. No strings attached. Free.

So far this year I have downloaded at least 15-20 free e-books from other websites. Some were more like booklets and others were absolutely books. All of the content was free.

Also this year I have attended, sitting at my desk, at least a dozen really good free webinars. Free.

By the time this year is over, I will have downloaded many pages and many hours of content for free.

Is all of the content great? No, but it is at the very least, helpful. If you want guaranteed great content, then pay for it. I am a big believer that newspapers, for instance, should charge for their daily news content.

Is it really completely free content? Well, yes. But I do receive email from each person or organization that gives free content. And I have, on occasion, purchased other books and products as a result.

So What Do I Want From You?

This free content will be free in the foreseeable future.

This is what I want from you in return:

  • Your daily readership
  • Your daily participation by commenting and being a part of the discussion. Below each blog post is the Disqus area for your comments
  • Your ideas for future blog posts. My email is
  • Your experiences shared with the group or just with me. My email is
  • Your friends and colleagues. Please tell them about this website and blog
  • Your consideration when you require a speaker for a meeting, conference, seminar or workshop
  • Your consideration when you want comedy entertainment for your next event
  • Your friendship. In return, I am devoted to helping you ‘Laugh and Learn About Leadership’

‘Free’ is indeed a great four-letter word. ‘Cash’ is also a good one. ‘Food’ ranks right up there. Okay, there are many wonderful four-letter words. Some I will use in this blog and others I will avoid.

‘Love’ is the best four-letter word. My wife is wonderful and gets me. I love Nancy for that. My daughters are all three, super human beings. I love them. My family accepts the good and the bad and I love them for it. My friends always stand beside me and I love them, too.

I love writing this blog for you.
It is FREE. Share the love.


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