Social Media Infographic shows 2013 by the Numbers

Social Media Infographic shows 2013 by the Numbers

There are a lot of really smart people out there that run small and medium-sized business and many of them do not pay attention to current marketing trends.

What is astounding to me is how many people I meet in my daily life that don’t plan to take the time to understand figures like the ones in the social media infographic below. They run their businesses the same way they have run them for the last decade or two. They ignore the changes in the marketplace and stick their head in the sand.


The new marketing is here and the numbers in the infographic provide the proof if you doubt me.

Want more proof? Pick up a copy of your local newspaper.

I looked at a newspaper off a rack walking into a Walmart just a few hours ago. I did not buy it as it was pathetic.

Among the few ads in the newspaper were ones placed by the newspaper itself otherwise known as “in-house” advertising. Once a powerhouse vehicle for delivering a message, newspapers have lost their way.

The smart local newspaper companies (GateHouse Media) have a strategy for future growth and success. Other newspaper companies are in a difficult rush to make up for lost time. Still others remain clueless. The clock is ticking and the infograph below portrays who is keeping time.

Other traditional media such as television and radio are also being attacked. These media have acted sooner than their newspaper friends when it comes to the growth in social media, but the losses are staggering in some cases.

Strategy before Tactics

Small and medium-sized businesses should be seeking out a strategy that includes being found when their customers need them. They should decide now where they want to be and develop strategies to understand how they will get their; steadily.

Don’t react to the social media infographic below by saying, “Let’s start a Facebook page for our company!” That is a tactic. Resist and build a strategy.

If you are a part of a small or medium sized business, review the infographic below with your team. Download the ebook on this website to learn more about the strategy required to move your company (or nonprofit) forward as well as the tactics to put in place.

Two Examples

Today, as I sat in a Panera store and worked on my laptop, Billy came over to say hello. Billy runs a successful landscaping company. He is on top of social media. His website even lists his Google+ and I hardly ever see that from a small business. Bill is on the right track and we agreed to get together when things slow down to ramp up his strategy and tactic.

When I left Panera, I went to see my friend’s new store. He will have a store in a great location with ample parking. He has ordered equipment and services and a logo. Soon he will stock inventory.

There is a big problem. He plans to open his store in about a week and a half, but he hasn’t even started to think about a marketing strategy.

Like so many small business people, my friend was going to pull out a few old tricks and try to make a go of it. Not anymore.

I am developing a marketing plan that will give him a much better chance of succeeding. I will use the framework of the ebook on this page.


Pour yourself a beverage and really study this Social Media infographic. When you are done, make some observations below to share with other readers. Ask questions. The great part about social media is that we are all here to help.

Good luck and I will watch for your comments and questions below.


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