Al Getler is a true leader, an insightful business person, and a fabulous speaker! He is smart, humble, funny, insightful, personable, well-read, and always impressive. Would definitely recommend him as a speaker — the topic of leadership is his passion!” – Anne Rendle, CEO, The Northeast Assn of Realtors 

The successful event requires planning, execution and a lot of pizzazz.  At the very core of any business meeting, conference or convention’s success is how well the speaker is received.

As the planner of an event you are successful when, at the end of the event, the participants run to the back of the room and say to you, “That speaker was fantastic! What a great event!”

That is where I come in.

Connecting with your audience and delivering a message they want (and need) to hear is what I strive towards. To accomplish this for your group I am a lifelong learner. I am dedicated to reading, listening and learning the newest developments in leadership, management, customer service, productivity and social media. This becomes an all-encompassing personal brand that can be communicating to your group’s core goals.

My topics:

    • Lead Us, Please!
    • Manage Things. Lead People.
    • Leading Young Professionals and Older Managers
    • Change: Newspapers to New Media
    •  I  Can Read Your Slides: Becoming an Excellent Presenter
    • Your Personal Brand in a Social Media  World

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One of the executives on Al’s team writes:

“Al also has a phrase that is repeated by all employees at the his newspapers, magazines and neighboring weekly publications: “Be nimble.” At first employees didn’t fully understand the concept, but now it is integrated into all day-to-day interactions with customers and fellow employees. No longer is it acceptable to say, “I’m sorry, that’s against our policy.” Instead, employees instinctively say, “Yes, I believe we can do that.” Or if the request really is impossible, the employees know that instead of saying “No, we can’t do that,” they offer reasonable and often better alternatives. And when one department puts up a roadblock to another department, they say “Hey, you’re not being nimble,” and it opens people’s eyes to the problem. It’s a culture of adapting to change and improved customer service that Al has fostered since his arrival.”


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