Star Wars Marketing with Force

It is so simple.

A handwritten note is sent out to fans via Twitter from one of my personal favorite movie directors when it comes to sci-fi action flicks, J.J. Abrams.


The note immediately starts a bonfire of a reaction.

Abrams is not only a brilliant action director (his reboot of Star Trek blew me away), but he knows how to market. He especially knows how to tease his target audience.

J. J. Abrams Credit:

J. J. Abrams

I remember the first time I saw the trailer for Abrams’ film Super 8. The movie was aimed at males who loved a good sci-fi flick with a twist of suspense and a plot that fulfilled the ounce of conspiracy theory we all have in us. Here is a clip:

What makes J.J. Abrams a marketing genius as well as a great movie director is his ability to whet a palate. Unlike most (movie) marketers that have to give their best stuff to draw you in, Abrams does it with glimpses. He doesn’t fill a trailer with all the best clips. Instead, he finds the best moments. What is incredible about the six minute clip of Super 8 above is that even that is “just enough” to pull you in despite its length.

Combine the handwritten note with the 88 second trailer that it refers to and you have Star Wars fans going crazy.  Add in the fact that the new Star Wars guardians, The Walt Disney Company, are working hard to help the under 15 crowd catch up on the Star Wars storyline. Once they do, you have the makings of a new set of blockbusters. My 11-year-old-daughter watched the trailer (below) with me and said, “Dad, you have to catch me up on this Star Wars stuff!” In the end, it is all about marketing and knowing your audience.

Great marketing and advertising has a similar flair using some of the ingredients J.J. Abrams uses to concoct a hit. Campaigns that draw you in and leave you thinking that there is more that you need to know, even more that you must know, can be strong and powerful. I think the wise cracking AT&T store salesperson fits this recipe. Her humor in explaining the “best cellphone deal” makes you want to check it out. And she is really funny delivering every message, every time. Yet the spots go by too fast.


So warm up your light-saber and fill the tank or your x-wing fighter. J.J. Abrams is about to show you how just enough it just enough when it comes to introducing a new product. And it all began with a handwritten note. It is Star Wars marketing with force. Here is a link to the trailer:

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