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Chances are, you ended up here for one of a few reasons…

Do you want to be a LEADER?

Perhaps you are hoping to bring your leadership abilities to the next level. Going from manager to leader is a big step, but one you can easily make. I share my over two decades of experience here to make you a better leader. Whether it is leading millennials or baby boomers, I have answers. Most importantly, we will discover new developments together! Read more here.

Do you want to  improve your speaking and presentation skills?

It is often said and proven that those who are able to get up in front of a room and present well excel beyond their peers. Let’s get you to the next level. Read more here.

Were you tasked with finding a SPEAKER?

Your company or organization mat have assigned you to find a speaker on leadership, digital media and marketing or customer service.  Look nor further. My presentation is customized to discuss your present challenge and make your meeting wildly successful. I have decades of experience as a corporate president leading large teams, so this is practitioners’ advice, not theory.

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Were you tasked with finding ENTERTAINMENT?

Finding a leadership speaker that is also a comedian/ventriloquist is one way to surprise and audience.  With experience on TV, in theaters and casinos, and my sweet spot is corporate events. I work clean and clever so my comedy will not give your HR department hives.

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Do you just want to LEARN AND HAVE FUN?

I emulate my mentors. My favorite teachers have always been totally human. They teach serious subjects without taking themselves too serious. That is what I strive to do for you. I learn something new every day then I share it with you.

Regardless of the reason, I am glad you are here. Let’s get started!

Here are a few steps you can take now.

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My Journey


My name is Al Getler and I am a seasoned media executive, speaker and entertainer.

I needed a car out of college and went to work at my local newspaper. I immediately flourished and was a manager by age 25 reaching president and publisher in my mid-30’s.

My adoption of digital was early and successful and I have led teams head on into digital overseeing extremely successful websites, apps and digital marketing campaigns.

Leadership has always been a passion. I have read about and practiced the best in leadership material. I have led teams through good times and some very bad times.

As a speaker, I have shared the stage with super-blogger Michael Hyatt, leadership guru John Maxwell and digital marketing CEO Brian Halligan of Hubspot.

My most unusual resume item is that I have been a professional ventriloquist since age 8. If you have read Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outlier, I am an outlier that has entertained hundreds of audiences.

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