Time Management – Back to Pencil and Paper

Old School time management

A recent lunch with my friend Lee Cockerell, retired Walt Disney World executive, reminded me that old school time management tools can still have an important place in my daily life.

As we sat down at our table at Seasons 52 in Orlando, Lee pulled out his Daytimer calendar. I recognized an old friend in the leather-bound pocket calendar. I had used them for years before switching to the now defunct Priority Manager system. Since that time I have used my Outlook calendar, Evernote, and a collection of notebooks. This is not exactly a system.

Lee knows a thing or two about time management systems. He ran all of Walt Disney World Resort and remains a legend (just ask any Disney employee in Orlando that worked for Lee). He is also the author of Time Management Magic and in it recommends the use of a Daytimer.

After my Disney vacation and visiting with Lee, I placed a Daytimer calendar order. It is great being back to using a time management system that combines the best of my digital tools with an old school pencil and paper approach.

I use my Daytimer to:

  • Sketch out my day in writing (it helps me to see the gap opportunities for creativity and productivity)
  • Have a place to create and jog down ‘to-do’ items (I like to cross out what I have accomplished)
  • Take and record meeting notes
  • Activate goals and plans

Take time to plan tomorrow at the end of the day today on paper.

Having to write your daily plan out connects your brain in a different way to your agenda than simply looking at a schedule. The best part is I bet you get more of the right things accomplished each day.