Twitter is no longer something you can ignore

A colleague of mine admitted recently that he had just sent his first tweet.

“I twitted for the first time!”, was his admission.

“No,” I corrected him with a touch of annoyance, “…you tweeted. Remember it this way: Twits Tweet.”

Look, I can be a little snobby in return when it comes to people who have a condescending attitude toward social media. I don’t have a lot of patience for people who don’t get it.

I quote my good friend  Don when he states, “The problem with people that don’t get it, is that they don’t get that they don’t get it.”  By the way, Don can remind one of Joe Pesci, so reread the Don’s quote again out loud while doing your best Pesci imitation.

You don’t want to be one of those people who doesn’t get that you don’t get it, do you? Take a look at the infograph below supplied by the Adsable blog. You will quickly see that Twitter must be a part of your Total Online Presence.

If you own or work in a small to medium-sized business or you offer a personal service to consumers or professionals, you need to up your Twitter game. Twitter is a lively and active exchange. It can set off a string off shares that can spread an idea, product or brand quickly and into circles outside of your own area of influence.

You don’t know what to tweet?

Follow these easy steps for your first tweet:

1. Open your Twitter account or sign up for Twitter (it is easy).

2. Go to your compose box and type “This is a helpful Twitter infograph.”

3. Copy the URL from this webpage and paste it in the Twitter message.

4. Give me a little shout out and add @algetler at the end (this lets me know you shared something you associate with me.)

5. Now do it again using a helpful article you found or you can even tweet a favorite quote.

Twitter is that easy. And as self-serving as those instructions were to me, I do the same for others almost every day.

Twitter is also a place where you can have a conversation that is either private (direct) or on the timeline (public). One example is the conversation I had with a local weather guy about a recent snow storm (below). Notice the tone and the harmless public nature of our conversation.

Twitter conversation with weather guy  Ryan Breton @RyanBretonWX

Twitter conversation with weather guy Ryan Breton

Find value in Twitter by being an active participant. Share, re-share (other wise known as Retweeting) and follow others. Add Twitter to your daily mix of business interactions. It is a great place to network, a great place to be helpful and a great place to get known. And by all means follow me on Twitter at @algetler

Finally, rather than reinvent the wheel, my friend Michael Hyatt has a great blog post titled The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter that is worth checking out.

How do you use Twitter? What was the last thing you tweeted?

What you should know about Twitter [Infographic] - An Infographic from Adsable blog

Embedded from Adsable blog

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