Dan Cockerell is the former Executive Vice President of The Magic Kingdom, a part of The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.

Mr. Cockerell started his career parking cars at the resort and worked his way to leading the iconic park. Upon retirement, he and his wife started a consultancy and authored the book “How’s Culture in your Kingdom”

Here, Al Getler discusses the book with Mr. Cockerell and his career at Disney.

For more information on Dan Cockerell see dancockerell.com

About Dan Cockerell

Upon graduation from Boston University in 1991, Dan moved to Florida and worked as a parking attendant at Disney’s Epcot Center. Dan joined the Disneyland Paris Management Trainee Program as part of the opening team and moved to France in 1992.

While working in Paris, Dan held various management positions in Parking, Ticketing, Guest Relations, Food & Beverages and Human Resources.

After spending 5 years in France, Dan relocated to Florida and held a variety of executive roles at the Walt Disney World Resort. Dan worked in theme parks and resort hotels. Dan was Vice President of Epcot, Vice president of Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Vice President of the Magic Kingdom.  There he led 12,000 cast members and entertained over 20 million guests annually.

My career in front of an audience began as a kid with a small, plastic and stuffed dummy in front of an audience of adults at a family party. I bombed.

Years later, after tried and true time in front of hundreds of audiences, I conquered  that family crowd and killed (a bizarre phrase we use in comedy when we are a hit with an audience.)

My career as a media executive has always intersected with my other career as a speaker and entertainer.

I have gone on to perform for audiences around North America in Fortune 500 corporations, at conferences and sales meetings, in theaters and casino showrooms and at private events.

As a speaker, I can combine serious topics with and underscore of fun and comedy.

As an entertainer, I deliver solid and personalized comedy that delivers laughs to audiences and makes meeting planners legends.

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The FIVE Dysfunctions of a Team – Storyteller Patrick Lencioni


The Model - The FIVE Dysfunctions of a Team

The Model – The FIVE Dysfunctions of a Team


Patrick Lencioni is a storyteller who is also a best-selling business book author.

Each week, when I read the Wall Street Journal’s list of best-selling business books, I marvel that this book subtitled “A Leadership Fable” that was released in 2002 still makes the top ten selling books in the category. Think about that for a moment. There are dozens of new business titles released each month in the business category, yet Lencioni’s book remains one that leaders buy in the hopes they can fix their teams.

Patrick Lencioni is an appealing guy. His is a tall guy, looks every bit the part of a smart business person, but is one of the most humble and self-effacing people you will encounter. I have seen him speak on several occasions and he has an infamous style of going from point A, to a story about his kids, to point B. He tells the audience he is easily distracted and then looks into the distance and says, “Look, a butterfly!” He is a hard guy not to like.

It is through his stories in his books and on stage that Lencioni helps teams more forward. I have used several of his models in my work including the Five Dysfunctions of a Team. His book Death by Meeting and the model it includes is one of have used every day, week, month and year for almost a decade.

Set some time aside to watch this video of Lencioni in action. Buy the book and begin uncovering the dysfunctions of your team.

Ever wish you could take a car ride with some of the funniest people on earth just to hear the banter?

Remember the guy that tells Jerry Seinfeld to “Take the pen!” at his parent’s retirement community only to double cross Jerry. The double-crossing pen character’s name was Jack and he was played by New York comedian Sandy Baron. I took a ride with Sandy and our agent once to get coffee. I laughed and learned as I listened to this classic comic tell stories. Now one of America’s premiere comic minds lets you take a similar ride.

Starting June 19, 2104, Jerry Seinfeld’s web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” begins its fourth season. Jerry Seinfeld picks up where Sandy and I left off as a choice number of today’s best comics minds go for rides in cars that are absolute classics to get a cup off coffee.

Each episode is a chance to see what makes the comic mind function and to also see what comics find funny. I learn something from every episode as Seinfeld asks everything from the most mundane to some penetrating questions. Some of past favorite guest have been Howard Stern, Larry David, Louis C.K., Tina Fey and David Letterman. Each guest hops in a classic car with comic superstar Seinfeld and takes a ride to everything from New Jersey diners to hipsters hangouts.

Put a date in your calendar for Noon each Thursday beginning on June 19, 2014. Episodes launch Thursdays but can be viewed at any time.

Enjoy the ride as you expand your mind. After all, cruising with creative minds isn’t a bad way to take a midday break.