Watch the Credits Roll By

Watch the Credits Roll By

It is movie season. We know that because Spiderman is here and Batman is on his way.

To me, there is nothing better than seeing a great movie in a theater filled with people. You can feel the energy and the mood of the audience. If the movie delivers an impact, the audience might even clap at the end.

What an amazing thing it is that an audience claps at the end of a movie! Think about it. Who are they clapping for? The kid in the projection room?

The audience is clapping because it is a rush of emotion that the crowd has when they have just been entertained.

The people who would appreciate the applause will not hear it. The actors, the director, the producers and the rest of the crew have already moved to their next project. Wouldn’t it be great if they could hear that applause?

My friend Kelly Asbury is a movie director. We went to see his movie Gnomeo & Juliet, a 2011 British computer-animated family comedy film based on William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. At the conclusion of the movie the audience clapped. I immediately texted Kelly to tell him about the reaction the audience had to his movie. He could almost hear the applause, right?

My family and I have figured out one way to pay the actors and crew back for their hard work outside of the applause they can’t hear.

At the end of every movie the Getlers watch the credits right up to the last logo on the screen. We feel like it is the least we can do for all of the hard work that went into making the movie.

We watch all of those titles and names go by, at times not knowing what some of them even mean (key grip, best boy, gaffer, etc.), but we know each person was important. The movie came together because of each of the individual people listed.

A movie typically lasts no more than two hours. Your work week is usually around 40 hours per week.

What would the credits look like where you work if you projected them on a screen at the end of every work week? If you sat there and watched the list, would you know every name and what every position on the screen did that week to make your organization function?

There could even be a position that has a title like a ‘gaffer’ on a movie set. You would probably have no idea what that person did each day? Would you bother to find out? (Note: There is a link below that will enable you to find out what a ‘gaffer’ does. You are on your own for the ‘Technical Support Engineer’ where you work.)

Chances are your organization will not show the credits containing every person’s contribution today as the work day ends. But it doesn’t mean you can’t stop for a second to appreciate each person and their contribution, even if it is just in your department or area of work.

Making a movie is hard work. Doing what you and your coworkers do is hard work, too.

Take a few minutes today and appreciate each person’s contribution.

Watch the credits roll by.

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How does your organization recognize each person’s contribution? What can you do to recognize the people on your team? Can you do me a favor the next time you go to the movies? Will you watch the credits roll by?


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