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Perhaps this has happened to you. You meet a person and you instantly feel like you have known them for a long time.  The new friendship flows as if it has always been there.

When serial entrepreneur Tom Schwab introduced me to Dan Moyle, it began a flowing friendship. Tom said at the time of the introduction that, “Dan and I needed to meet each other.” He was right.

As founder of Interview Valet, Tom is in the business of making sure the right people connect. When he introduced Dan and I, Interview Valet was likely a seed of one of Tom’s many ideas. Today it is a leading source for both podcast interviewers and the people who want to be interviewed on podcasts. As a big podcast consumer, I hear Interview Valet mentioned often. The podcast world is growing rapidly and Tom has created a way connect authors, speakers, experts and many others with the most highly listened to podcasts in the world today.

Dan Moyle is an inbound marketing expert. When Tom introduced us it was in the lounge area of Inbound, a Boston gathering of over 21,000 people from around the world that are educating themselves, networking and getting inspired as digital marketers. Dan has spoken at Inbound several times as one of the go to practitioners on Hubspot’s inbound marketing tools. In that capacity he also knows my daughter and Hubspot’s Learning & Development Trainer, MK Getler. This makes Dan like family.  Last year he joined Tom’s company as chief marketing officer.

The decision to create a podcast is a big one. It requires technical skills to record each episode and edit it into a show with a beginning, middle and end. Even if you hire someone to do the real finishing work, you must have a logical concept of how the show will flow. You also have to market the show on every digital platform one can imagine. This includes having a website to keep up.

Dan took the dive and created The Storytellers Network. This is a herculean task and I commend him for everything he has done so far and for everything ahead of Dan.  Starting a podcast is one thing. Keeping it going and sustaining it is another thing all together. Many podcasts are abandoned after a few episodes. But because Dan knows digital marketing, he knows that you don’t quit. He knows that the magic moment occurs right about when most others drop the mic of their podcast. Dan’s podcast will be big because Dan understands the tipping point of podcast listener-ship; it takes time. It also takes listeners and positive reviews on iTunes.

So, I am asking you to do me a favor. Listen to my episode of The Storytellers Network as well as episodes one through five. Click the subscribe button and keep on listening.

Once you have listened, leave a review on iTunes. That is gold for a hardworking podcaster like my friend, Dan Moyle.

Finally, if you have a story to tell, reach out to Dan at dan@interviewvalet.com or here on his contact page.

So what is your story? Leadership guru Dr. John C. Maxwell says the secret to his storytelling is his daily routine. “Everyday I read. Everyday I write. Everyday I file.” Maxwell collects stories to tell stories. I look forward to hearing you on The Storytellers Network.

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