Why You Need a One Click Service For Your Business?

What is Your Business One Click?

Why You Need a One Click Service For Your Business? – Al Getler

The other day, my friend Walter walked up to me after a meeting and mentioned a marketing book he was reading. He said he thought of me when he read it as the book is in the third edition and up-to-date with social media strategies. The fact that a friend went out of his way to tell me about a book that he knew I would enjoy (and I do) was an honor.

My reaction was to pull out my iPhone, open my Amazon app, search for the book and then ‘one click’ order it through my Amazon Prime account. The whole thing took 45 seconds. The book arrived the next day.

Now that is amazing in several ways:

  • It took 45 seconds from hearing about the book to completing the order. In this case it was a book. It could have been a ratchet set. It doesn’t matter. It took 45 seconds.
  • The order arrived the next day and that was two days sooner than I expected it.
  • The order was correct.
  • The price was great.
  • The shipping (felt like it) was free.
  • The book has great value as I like it a lot.
  • I have a friend like Walter that knows me well enough to recommend a good book.

(Note: Amazon Prime is $75 per year and provides free shipping on all orders, among other benefits.)

Amazon.com is the tenth ranked website in the world and the fifth ranked website in the United States (source link: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/amazon.com ), so they do get a little traffic now and then. Their sales are in the billions of dollars. And while they are criticized for their slim profit margins, they remain a strong buy for investors as they patiently absorb market share.

Amazon has a great website. There is no doubt it is the model eCommerce destination. When you get down to it though, the core of Amazon is really the service. They deliver as promised. In fact Amazon under promises and over delivers and that is the definition of good service.

Trouble at B&N

My true preference when hearing about a good book is to go to the book store and look at it.

There is a Barnes and Noble on the way home that I enjoy stopping to browse. I keep a list of books I hear about on my iPhone and take a look at them from time to time at the store. Out of ten books I might buy one.

Then there are books that I will buy without browsing. These books are either strongly recommended like the one Walter told me about or books I anticipate arriving from favorite authors.

Over the past couple of years I have looked these books up on the Barnes and Noble website to buy them. If the books were not available in the local store, I would have them shipped to me. Twice when I did that, the order had a problem. The first one never arrived and had to be re-shipped and the second order arrived several days late.

Barnes and Noble also offers a service I used that reserved a copy of the book for pick up at the store. When I went to the store to pick up the books they were indeed waiting at the counter for me, however, I could not buy them at the website price. I had to pay the in-store retail price and that was, at times, almost twice the online price.

The final time I did this, I asked the manager a simple question. I asked why Barnes and Noble didn’t authorize him to allow me to pay the online price or at least that price plus a small handling charge. He said they (the big bosses) just won’t allow it stating overhead and such. When I got in my car I called Barnes and Noble corporate and asked them the question. After a fun game of voice mail tag with a VP, I gave up.

Barnes and Noble better figure out their own version of a one click order or else they will go the way of Borders.

So, What Is The One Click For Your Business?

This will be a great challenge for you and your team. Gather them together and ask them to invent a ‘one click’ customer service solution for your business.

The idea does not have to have anything to do with your website. The concept is to find the one difference maker that is so simple, you will wonder why you never thought of it in the past. The idea should make things so easy for the customer that they will marvel at how clever you are.

Here is an example: The Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt chain found a clever way to minimize store staffing, offer more flavors of frozen yogurt, make the customer do the work and make it fun and very profitable.

Watch the video below or click HERE to go to my website and watch it.

Your version of one click needs to be as easy, as fun and as fulfilling as the Amazon experience is on their one click service. It needs to be as unique as what Orange Leaf offers their customers.

When you do figure it out, come back to this post on my website and tell us what you came up with. Was it a way to process patients in your medical office? Was it a new way to process a loan or open and account? Was it some new way to give customer estimates? Let us know by writing in the Disqus section below.

Why do you need a one click service for your business? Because if you under promise and over deliver while you create a new one click feature for your business you will differentiate your business from your competitor’s.

If you already have a one click service that you offer, tells us about it? Have you seen a one click service in another business? Tell us your thoughts below in the Disqus section after this post or by clicking HERE if you are reading it in an email.

Al Getler is a newspaper, website, book and magazine publisher. He is also a comedian/ventriloquist and a speaker on leadership, customer service and personal branding.

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