About Al Getler

Let’s just say that Al’s audience LOVE his hysterical characters. Here, Floyd L. Smith with the J&J Sisters!

“You can be more than one person in life.”

Al Getler – Ventriloquist , Comedian, Business Consultant, Speaker, Firefighter, EMT
A happy crowd with Al and Monkee!

Ventriloquist and Comedian

Al Getler is a world class ventriloquist and hysterical comedian. Combining his sharp wit and skills, Al’s shows are filled with laughs for audiences of all sizes, age groups, and performance venues.

Al has appeared on the Discovery/A&E Network channels hundreds of times. In addition, he has been featured on Good Morning America, the Wall Street Journal, and the USA Today newspapers.

Al has performed in Las Vegas and Atlantic City show rooms, in theaters throughout the USA, corporate events, trade events, and hundreds of other venues.

Being held over for months at a time in resorts is not unusual for Al. His audiences love his performances and his bookers find him to be the consummate business person and cooperative guest.

Al is Complicated

There are many layers to Al Getler beyond his comedy stage performer background. Let’s touch on a few.

Leader and Executive

Al watched the premiere of “Preacher” with Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen after this interview. Seth Rogen produced the AMC series.

Al Getler with CBS Sunday Morning’s Steve Hartman

Al has led award winning media companies through the northeast. His teams have won Pulitzer Prizes, website and publication awards from many press associations, and Edward r. Murrow Awards for excellence in broadcast and digital journalism.

One of this team members recently stated Al has been, “…the leader people followed because you were a great cheerleader, pioneer, director, visionary and above all a good person that just happened to be the publisher and inspiration for lots of media people young and old.”

Business Consultant

Jason Feifer, editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine

Al is a sought after independent business consultant specializing in strategy, branding and communication, and sales and marketing efficiencies. Al is known as the “13th Month of Revenue” creator.

Al has consulted with the hospitality industry, manufacturers, fabricators, software companies, financial institutions, media companies and state and local governments.


Al is a sought after speaker on the subjects of leadership, innovation, and customer service. Imagine the audiences surprise when, in the middle of a first class business presentation, Al weaves in his comedy and ventriloquism. AT&T, Verizon, the Better Business Bureau, and Fortune 500 company employees have benefitted from Al’s knowledge and experience.

Al has shared the stage with John C. Maxwell, Michael Hyatt, Hubspot Founder and Chairman, Brian Halligan, and BNI founder, Ivan Misner.

Firefighter and EMT

FF/EMT Al Getler

In addition to his many activities, Al serves as a firefighter and EMT is his hometown. Giving back to his community, Al responds to fires, medical calls, motor vehicle accidents, water rescues, and more. It is in his blood passed down from his father a NJ firefighter.