Leadership is not a license to do less; it is a responsibility to do more. And that’s the trouble.

Leadership takes work. It takes time and energy. The effects are not always easily measured and they are not always immediate.

Leadership is always a commitment to human beings.”

– Simon Sinek – Leaders Eat Last

Our present situation requires leadership that puts people first.  An Orlando official praised the Walt Disney Company for putting “people above profit” citing the closing of the Walt Disney World Resort. And while this is a billion dollar decision that can’t last forever, it does tell Disney employees that they matter above all else.


Leaders Eat Last (New York, NY: Portfolio/Penguin, 2014), 214

Al Getler Speaks on the Use of Video for Newspapers

New England Newspaper and Press Association eBulliten
March 7, 2017


Al Getler spoke with his colleague Ryan Mercer at the New England Newspaper and Press Association annual convention held in Boston, Massachusetts.

Ryan Mercer is an award-winning photographer and videographer.  In late 2016, he and his publisher Al Getler went to New York City to collect his fifth Edward R. Murrow Award.

Getler and Mercer spoke for the first time together at the conference on their video strategy. Al Getler speaks on the use of video for newspapers around the US.

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Project Managers Institute Champlain Valley

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Dr. Jackie Freiberg talks Cause! and Nuts!, Culture and Leadership

A discussion with a bestselling author

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