Al Getler has Six Month Run at Woodloch Pines Resort

Al Getler performs in Heritage Nightclub as crowd favorite

Ventriloquist and comedian, Al Getler, has been held over at Woodloch Pines Resort since the summer.

“I love this place,” said Al. “The staff is the most amazing group of people and the audiences are incredible!”

Al says his show at Woodloch is family focused and is jam-packed with audience participation. “I want people to come away with a comedy experience,” Al said.

Woodloch Pines Resort is both a family resort and a family tradition. The Kiesendahl family has owned and operated Woodloch Pines Resort for 62 years, working very hard to grow Woodloch into what it is today. It is a year-round family resort (Woodloch Pines), that includes a champion gold course and a spa (The Lodge at Woodloch).  

Generations of family are in the audience. One family from Long Island included a grandmother, her children, and her grand children.

Phyllis Sisenwine is this amazing woman. She is a life coach going strong at 80-years-old! What a delight!” said Al. Phyllis’s grandson was proud to say that he was her life coach client.

Phyllis Sisenwine and her family with Al and Miss McNeeley at Woodloch Pines Resort

Audiences line up to have their picture taken with Al after the show. That give Al a chance to meet the people and connect with them.

“It is the best part of the night,” says Al.

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